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​​HannahJamesAssociates Ltd.

  1. Designing the work
  2. CDM Client Advisor/ Principal Designer
  3. Architectural Plans
  4. Building Advice
  5. Building Contracts and Liaise with Contractors
  6. Budget Costs/ Feasibility Studies
  7. Building Problem Reports
  8. Defect Reports
  9. Building Regulations
  10. Planning Permission

Several pieces of legislation from home owners.

  • Building Regulaion Application
  • Planning Permission Application
  • Party Wall Act
  • CDM Regulations (Includes Health and Safety for Construction Projects,  Revised in April 2015)
  • and many others...

Architectural Drawings and Feasibility Reports provide the client with data to make informed decisions on their properties

Optional drawings and Feasibility Report can look at several options for development. Each option will look at 
  • Budget costs
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Building Regulation & Planning Applications
  • ​CDM Principal Designer Services
  • Regulation Compliance
  • Advice on construction


Building surveyors provide professional advice on buying and altering properties.

Advice on potential and re-occuring issues with buildings. 

Surveys can be for a whole property or a specific problem.

The report can be a wide ranging level of advice from damp issues, cracking or compliance with Building Regulations.
Building surveyors often work on preventative measures to keep buildings in good condition and look to make buildings sustainable

The RICS have set reports which can be seen by clicking on this link. We undertake the most detailed report, the Building Survey.

Costs of reports vary depending upon the time taken to complete the inspection and report. Please contact us for a quotation. Informatin on the building will be required for an accurate quotation.

Drawings & Advice